Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Asked and Answered (Robert Catterall)

Hi DB2 user,

Here is a first set of Robert Catterall's Asked and Answered about DB2 for z/OS, published in DB2mag:

- When a program contains a static SQL statement that references an unqualified table name, how can you know ...?

- Where can I find a code snippet for accessing DB2 for z/OS stored procedures in Java using input parameters?

- What's your recommendation for performing DB2 v.7 traces running under z/OS V1R4 in a production environment?

- Could you provide some recommendations for conserving disk space on a mainframe?

- What's the best way to implement stored procedures as the communication mechanism to a mainframe?

- Do you know of any products that use DRDA without a local DB2 in an MVS (OS/390, Z/OS) environment?

- How the DBA roles differ between Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW) and the mainframe?

- Why does PROGRAM TYPE SUB minimize the number of moduel reloads in in the WLM-managed stored procedures address spaces, and are there any drawbacks to that approach?

- Would the DB2 Governor work as an interim solution that would let us assign higher priority for online requests and lower priority for batch?

- Do you have to use WLM-managed stored procedure execution environments if you want to use one DB2 for z/OS stored procedure program for multiple different schemas in a database — or are there other options?

- What steps can we take to achieve faster group restart for a four-member data sharing group?

- Do the DB2 v.7 for z/OS ZPARMS SRTPOOL and MAXRBLK refer to the global respective sort spaces or to the SORT and RID SORT pools for each individual user?



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