Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Asked and Answered (Robert Catterall) part 3

Hi DB2 user,

Here is a third set of Robert Catterall's Asked and Answered about DB2 for z/OS, published in DB2mag:

- Do you use STOGROUPS in conjunction with SMS?

- Can you define DB2 catalog and directory data sets to be under SMS control?

- How do I determine whether or not stored procedures marked as STAY RESIDENT are actually reloading?

- Can the Distributed Data Facility handle a project that uses dynamic SQL and produces 3,000,000 logs daily with 1,000 concurrent users?

- What are the maximum limits for segmented and partitioned tablespaces and, how can I convert a nonpartitioned tablespace to a partitioned one without a down time window?

- With DB2 Query Parallelism, I've heard that you shouldn't set MAX DEGREE greater than the number of CPs. I don't agree, but I wonder whether setting MAX DEGREE high will have an adverse effect on other users. Any advice?

- How do you generate random numbers in DB2?

- I have a good understanding of DB2 as an application programmer, but I'm not up on the latest with UDB. Can you suggest a good book that will bring me up to date?

- Do you know of any way to detect unused indexes in DB2 (for z/OS and OS/390)? Are there tools or techniques to facilitate identification of such indexes?

- Why do 4GB DB2 objects max out at 5,826 cylinders of 3390 storage?

- Does DASD striping work with DB2 for z/OS and OS/390?



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