Monday, June 2, 2008

Redpaper DB2 for z/OS: Considerations on Small and Large Packages

Hi DB2 User,

IBM just published a draft version of a new Redpaper, "DB2 for z/OS: Considerations on Small and Large Packages, REDP-4424-00":

In this Redpaper, after some introductory background information on packages, we discuss the CPU utilization by packages related to two situations: when a small number of short-running SQL statements out of many SQL statements in a large package are executed and when a set of short-running SQL statements out of many different packages are executed. These two specific situations have become critical in some environments due to the performance difference after migration from DB2® V7 to V8. We show the measured CPU across V7, V8 and DB2 9 for z/OS, highlight the improvement provided by DB2 9, and provide some general tips on reducing CPU utilization by packages.

More information

- 1993 Redbook DB2 Packages: Implementation and Use, GG24-4001-00

NOTE: This 1993 Redbook, even though at DB2 V2.3 level, has been requested several times in the last few years since it still contains a large percentage of valid information. It has been made available on the Web on an as is basis, rather than waiting for a future update. Please exercise caution in extrapolating to your current version of DB2 for z/OS.

This document is a comprehensive guide to the package function brought by DB2 V2.3. It considers both the distributed and nondistributed environments. It provides a detailed explanation of the BIND PACKAGE function, including the use of collections and versioning, recommendations on how to implement packages, and discussion of the related performance issues. The document also provides working examples on possible package management solutions.
This document is intended for customers and technical professionals who need to know how to take advantage of the new package function and to administer packages. A knowledge of DB2 V2.3, DB2 V3, and Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) connectivity is assumed.

- Upcoming Redbook Residency, DB2 9 for z/OS: Packages Revisited, SD-8Z06

It is time to replace DB2 Packages: Implementation and Use, GG24-4001 (1993) with something a bit more current. We review what a package is and why you should use it, then we concentrate on what is happening today with package stability and the demise of DBRMs. We provide guidance on package execution and selection performance. We consider Java and distributed environment.

Information about Residencies