Monday, January 12, 2009

UK GSE Conference 2008 presentations

Hi DB2 user,

Here are several presentations from UK GSE Conference 2008, available on UK DB2 User Group website:

- To REORG or not to REORG, That is the Question
by Kevin Baker

- Reordered Row Format in DB2 9 for z/OS
by Paul Fletcher

- Memory Matters in 2009
by Martin Packer

- Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics
by Andy Ward

- DB2 for z/OS: What's all the fuss about Version 8 and Version 9?
by Gareth Jones

- DB2 9 for z/OS - Table Changes
by Phil Granger

- A Row's Life
by Raymond Bell

- Are you sure this is DB2?
by Aurora Dell'Anno

- Introduction to DB2 on the Mainframe
by Gareth Jones