Monday, June 8, 2009

Presentations from SQL Adria

Hi DB2 user,

Here are several presentations from SQL Adria, available on SQL Adria website:

- DB2 9 for z/OS - Hints and Tips for DBAs
by Namik Hrle

- DB2 9 for z/OS – Hints and Tips for Application Programmers
by Namik Hrle

- Lock Out Your Locking Problems
by Peter Backlund

- DB2 9 for z/OS XML Support
by Phil Grainger

- Desperate Table Designs
by Susan Lawson

- Top 10 Ways to Waste CPU
by Susan Lawson

- Universal Table Spaces, what are they?
by Klaas Brant

- Clone Table, Hot or not?
by Klaas Brant

- Bringing your DB2 to V9 (and V8)
by Jan Henderyckx

- Every Day’s Life of a DBA or How Do I Handle THAT Query?!
by Mirna Kos



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