Monday, November 23, 2009

Presentations from Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group

Hi DB2 user,

Here are several presentations from Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group, available on BWDB2UG website:

- Improving Performance with DB2 V9 for z/OS
by David Beulke

- What's New in DB2 9 for Applications
by Patrick Bossman

- DB2 Performance Primer
by Michael Murray

- Index Design in a Busy System
by Larry Kintisch and Tapio Lahdenmäki

- ATS DB2 Health Check
by John Iczkovits

- A List of DB2 Top Ten Lists
by Craig Mullins

- Null & Void? Dealing with Nulls in DB2 for z/OS
by Craig Mullins

More information

- New to DB2 LUW but for experienced z/OS DBAs
by Chris Eaton

- Database Trends
by Craig Mullins



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